Intuit Design Challenge

During Spring 2018 I had a chance to interview for Intuit’s Product Design Internship. One of the rounds was a design challenge which I had a lot of fun doing! I was asked to design an app to help Batman collaborate with other superheroes and efficiently capture bad guys. Since I made it through the interview process and received a lot of positive feedback on my work I thought it’d be useful to share my process.

Tools I Used: Balsamiq (to create wire-frames), invision (for wireframe mockups)



Batman needs help keeping the city safe and fighting/capturing the Joker

Target Customer
Batman is a crime-fighting superhero looking to efficiently capture bad guys

Find a way for Batman to keep in touch and collaborate with other superheroes as soon as there’s a crime

After talking to his city council, Batman learns:There are groups of superheroes in every city (5-10 per city).All superheroes work with a city official (i.e. head of the police department) that calls on them for help.

Design a mobile app that allows Batman to find another superhero to help him capture the Joker. Your designs must include (but are not limited to):





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