About me

I'm originally from Kannur, a small beachside town in India. But spent the first 17 years growing up in the Middle-East - in Kuwait and Bahrain.

I moved to India in 2008 to complete my schooling and to do my bachelors. After graduation, I got an opportunity to work at IBM as an Associate Systems Engineer. About a year and a half later, my manager and I quit our jobs to start a logistics company. It was a venture funded start-up that we grew from a 3 person team to 30.

At the start-up, I was responsible for Product Design and Management. Except for an occasional intern or a freelance designer, I led all the design requirements for the company. We built 2 enterprise products, and had some of the largest e-commerce companies in India as clients.
After 2.5 years running it, we sold off some of our business, since it wasn't going as well as we'd hoped.

Starting a company was the most challenging and exciting phase of my life. The most difficult part was figuring out which user problems to solve, and how to solve those problems efficiently. I wanted to improve as a designer, and decided to join Georgia Tech's HCI Program. I'm currently in my Second Year here!

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