About me

I currently work as a UX Design Specialist at SAP Ariba.

I'm originally from Kannur, a small beachside town in India. But spent the first 17 years growing up in the Middle-East - in Kuwait and Bahrain.

I started my career at IBM in India as an Associate Systems Engineer. About a year and a half later, my manager and I quit our jobs to start a logistics company, Boxme. It was a venture funded start-up that we grew from a 3 person team to 30.

At the start-up, I was responsible for Product Design and Management. I led design initiatives for 2 enterprise products, and had some of the largest e-commerce companies in India as clients. We sold the company after 2.5 years.

I wanted to learn how to leverage Design more effectively and systematically for product and business success. That brought me to Georgia Tech's MS in HCI Program, and later on at VMware for an internship.

I'm currently leading an initiative at SAP Ariba to create a new global Design System and to migrate our products to it.

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Get In touch: akhilmohanan@gmail.com or Connect on LinkedIn