About me

I'm originally from Kannur, a small beachside town in India. But spent the first 17 years growing up in the Middle-East - in Kuwait and Bahrain.

I moved to India in 2008 to complete my schooling and to do my bachelors. After graduation, I got an opportunity to work at IBM as an Associate Systems Engineer. About a year and a half later, my manager and I quit our jobs to start a logistics company. It was a venture funded start-up that we grew from a 3 person team to 30.

At the start-up, I was responsible for Product Design and Management. Except for an occasional intern or a freelance designer, I led all the design requirements for the company. We built 2 enterprise products, and had some of the largest e-commerce companies in India as clients.
After 2.5 years running it, we sold off some of our business, since it wasn't going as well as we'd hoped.

Starting a company was the most challenging and exciting phase of my life. The most difficult part was figuring out which user problems to solve, and how to solve those problems efficiently. I wanted to improve as a designer, and decided to join Georgia Tech's HCI Program. I'm currently in my Second Year here!

When I’m not working, you’ll find me immersed in my books, traveling (checkout my travel footprint) or exploring food! :)

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